Re: Tank car dome from Detail Associates

Tony Thompson

Bill Welch wrote:
Detail associates has a tank car dome in their parts line, cast in
resin I believe. Could someone fill me on what kits this is intended
for? I assume it is meant to correct a kit or make possible an
alternative model.
As several have replied, Bill, it's for the Athearn tank car. And though it's true I published an article on converting one of these models for SP use, I got my ideas and the basics of my method from a Richard Hfendrickson article years before in _Prototype Modeler_ magazine. I have one of the DA resin domes and will try a conversion, but it involves removing the Athearn dome (which is way too small) and replacing with a hole which will accept the DA dome. They once made a white metal part for this purpose (experimentally only, I am told), and Richard did one of those conversions too. I guess I should look back at his article to see if there are "helpful hints" I should know about.

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