Re: Tank Cars

Bruce Smith

"Thomas M. Olsen" <tmolsen@...> wrote:

While we are on the subject of tank cars, I have a question about tank
car that needs some identity. Steamtown in Scranton has a two
compartment tank car lettered NATX 4750. <snip>
Can anyone identify this car and know anything of it's history? My
ORER's only date back to 1949 and do not show this particular car number
in the North American listings.
On Wed, November 9, 2005 5:59 am, Kevin Lafferty replied:
Here's a link to a photo of the car in question.
Tom, Kevin,

This car is identifiable as a General American built car. The spotting
feature is the lack of side and end sills and the distinctive angled
braces on the end. The car appears to have been built as a 2 dome car,
and the capacity of each compartment stenciled on the respective ends and

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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