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Gatwood, Elden <Elden.Gatwood@...>

I started one, but got disheartened when I tried to paste on those
alternating rivets where the interior tank heads were located. Too
difficult for me. I wish I had the talent.

There are several bashes that look more do-able to me. I am in the
middle of bashing an Athearn 3-dome into something like a STCC car that
appeared in Mainline Modeler back in the 90's. It is quite do-able, and
about the only thing that looks like the Athearn car.

I am also bashing some other classes of tank car from the P2K, IM and RC
cars. I would really like to do a good job on a couple early acid cars,
but also an ICC 103C-W. I have also bashed a Type 21 with a smaller
dome, as an OESX car, plus I would also like to do a later UTLX car like
Mont Switzer did so well for MM. They are all reasonable projects, for
somebody at my level of skill.


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Anyone tried to do a multidome tank-bash from an 8k Type 21
or 8k Type 27? The additional domes could be larger or smaller
or two different sizes...

Tim O.

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