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I would bet that the best tool for the brass rivets on posts that you
and Dennis have referred to would be a good milling machine with an
Albrecht keyless chuck for the very small drills. A digital readout
would make this almost obscenely easy except for the cost of the
rivets. I am going to inquire about a large scale purchase as these
things are perfect for some applications.

Ted Culotta
Her's a source for the drill:

I also might note that Creative Model Associates (Tichy) has .008
diameter phosphor bronze wire, Walthers number 363-1100. The cut end
of spring wire can make a decent drill for resin and plastic, and is
less likely to break with hand use. I'd rather have steel, but this
phosphor bronze may hard enough to do the trick, and a lot cheaper
than the above drills.

Dennis Storzek

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