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--- In STMFC@..., "Brian Leppert" <b.leppert@a...> wrote:
> Gentlemen,
> New HO Dalman two-level trucks will be available in two styles--
with Barber Lateral Motion device detail and without. These trucks
will be Celcon (similar to
> Delrin) one piece moldings with snap-in brake shoe detail and
metal .110" wheelsets. Bolster height will match NMRA's RP 23
Ooooo, an outdated standard rears its ugly head again.

Brian, could I convince you to adopt the "Athearn standard" .295" centerplate height that almost everyone in the industry other than Kadee and MDC uses? Aside from the fact that it is easier for modelers to shim low trucks than to lower high ones, the .295" is an exact scale reduction of the AAR standard 25 3/5" centerplate height, while the 5/16" the NMRA RP-23 specifies is an arbitrary dimension that was written back in the days when modelers didn't own any measuring tools.

Perhaps it's not too late?

Welcome to the wonderful world of model railroad product design :-)

Dennis Storzek

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