SP Tank Car Dome Measurements

Shawn Beckert


After yesterday's thread on the DA tank car dome and its uses,
I went home and dug out the partial diagrams I have for three
classes of Southern Pacific tank cars, one of which (O-50-13)
can be modeled using the Athearn 42' tank car kit. The results
are interesting; in the three classes are two different width
(or diameter) domes, with two classes having the same gallonage.

Class Drawing Date Gal. Dome Hgt Dome Dia.(int)
------- ------------ ------ --------- --------------
O-50-12 11-9-28 12,500 24" 54"

O-50-13 6-26-43 12,500 22" 61 1/2"

O-50-14 7-31-43 8,000 19" 54"

Note that the height measurements are taken from the top of the
tank to the top of the rivet band around the dome, NOT the very
top of the dome itself.

Also, the drawings confirm what has been mentioned here before,
namely that the dome platform on all three classes is on one side
only, the left side as you look at the B-end of the car.

Shawn Beckert

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