Re: placing rivets

Jim Betz

Wouldn't it make more sense to have some "rivet spacing templates"
with different spacings of the line of holes on them. And have them
created on a CNC machine. And you lay them over the car side and
put the small drill thru. This should be a piece of cake for any one
with a CNC mill to create because the programming is very simple.
I have a client who "owes me some favors" who has all of the
equipment to do this ... what I don't know is "how big you want the
template to be". What I'm talking about is the physical size of
the template itself in terms of width, lenght, and thickness. You
want these out of brass or some other material? (Yes, I'm saying
I might have more than just one done. (We've met and I live in
San Jose.)

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