C&NW color guide for Morning Sun

bierglaeser <bierglaeser@...>

Let's take a poll. Well, it would probably be more accurate to
say, "I'd like some feedback."

I am working on the C&NW color guide for Morning Sun. I envision a
two-volume set with 250 to 350 images in each. Richard Hendrickson
recently, and correctly, observed that the color guides aren't of
much use to this group because the use of color slides wasn't
sufficiently widespread before 1960.

While I have some material from the 1950s, I expect most of the
material to be from slides exposed in the 1970s and 1980s. The
object is to find those slides taken later than we would wish but
that show cars in their condition and paint as they must have been in
the 1950s or, dare we hope, even earlier.

Here's where I would like some feedback.
If you could only see one slide would you prefer an old faded car
with original paint or a fresh repaint?

Would you want an image of an older car in MOW service if no other
image of that car series was available?

How do you feel about cars from acquired roads painted in the parent
road's colors?

Do any of you model such cars?

I expect most modelers would be interested, to some extent or
another, in the freight cars of the C&NW but not the cabooses,
passenger equipment or maintenance-of-way equipment. If I packed all
the freight car material in one volume and all the rest in the other
would that increase your interest in purchasing the freight car
volume even though you don't model the C&NW directly?

Thank you for any comments you care to make. I suppose it would be
best if you contacted me directly at bierglaeser at yahoo dot com.

Gene Green
Out in the West Texas Town of El Paso

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