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I can tell you that there is more material out there to be
discovered, color and black and white.

And I can tell you how to find it!

Publish a book on any railroad topic. Almost immediately after
publication the author will be contacted by someone who will want to
know why he wasn't consulted because he has ... whatever, something
the author couldn't find. Of course, the reason the author didn't
contact him was because the author didn't know he existed.

A sometimes frustrated Gene Green

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In regard to color guides, well, a C&NW color guide would be
invaluable. I have long wondered whether those who do such research
have really uncovered all that is out there. I suppose that's an
unanswerable question. Whether some early railfan photographer
experimented with in the late Forties or early Fifties with color
film, I can't say. I am convinced, however, that more in black and
white is out there. It seems that Bob has a wealth of negatives.
John Gruber purchased the Martarano collection, so I have heard, and
Mr. Martarano once told me that he had many more negatives than he
ever printed up. I noticed on one occasion that he had a repertoire
of refrigerator car photos. All black and white of course, but at
least they provide a guide.



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