Re: SFRD reefers sold to PRR

Benjamin Hom <b.hom@...>

Rich Orr asked:
"The PRR acquired at least one former SFRD reefer (not sure of the class)
for ice service at I believe it was Trenton. (A photo of this car has been
published in several books.) This reefer was used to store ice for passenger
car air conditioning. I am seeking answers to several questions about these
How many did the PRR acquire?
When were they acquired?
To which passenger terminals were they assigned?
What was the SFRD class of this/these reefers?"

PRR 498350 (ex-SFRD Class Rr-23) was the Jersey City (NOT Trenton) ice car.
A photo of this car is published (along with a laughable miscaption as a
"modified X23 boxcar") on page 68 of Morning Sun PRR Color Guide, Volume 1.
I have no information on when or how many SFRD cars were acquired; it's
entirely possible that this was a wrecked car that was paid off by the
Pennsy, then repaired and placed into company service.

Ben Hom

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