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Mark Heiden

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Very interesting Terry! Tobacco travelling to Hagersville (where
is that?)
in MC box cars? Where did it come from?
Hi Tim,

As Peter pointed out, Hagersville is indeed southwest of Hamilton,
very near to the heart of tobacco country in southwestern Ontario.

If I'm reading this right, the cars were loaded in St. Thomas and
moved to Hagersville. It would have been grown and warehoused
locally, but it seems odd that local tobacco would move such a short
distance by rail. But then again, it moved in December, and plowed
country roads in southwestern Ontario weren't common until the 1930s.

If the tobacco isn't local, it likely came from the southeastern
United States. I worked on a tobacco farm for a couple of summers,
and gained a little insight into the buying and selling side of the
business. Depending upon what the tobacco companies decided would
sell best, they purchased only certain types or grades of local
tobacco, and imported tobacco from elsewhere if local growers did
not produce enough of what they wanted (admittedly, I'm not sure of
the ins-and-outs of this). One summer we ended up with a great deal
of what was called "red" tobacco. There was no local market for it,
but it was in demand in China, so off it went.

Mark Heiden

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