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As Peter pointed out, Hagersville is indeed southwest of Hamilton,
very near to the heart of tobacco country in southwestern Ontario.

If I'm reading this right, the cars were loaded in St. Thomas and
moved to Hagersville. It would have been grown and warehoused
locally, but it seems odd that local tobacco would move such a short
distance by rail. But then again, it moved in December, and plowed
country roads in southwestern Ontario weren't common until the 1930s.

One thing I should point out about these train consists. The book they came
from does not indicate where the car originated from or it's final
destination - only where the car was picked up and dropped off on the

Hagersville is an interchange point with CN, so this car could have been
interchanged with the CN to carry on to it's destination. Welland and
Waterford were TH&B interchange points. Cars showing as originating in
St.Thomas could have been either through cars, or interchange cars with the
CN, CP, PM or L&PS.

Terry Link
Bramalea, Ontario, Canada

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