Re: Calling a spade a club

Tim O'Connor

Should I show you the ARA proceedings where substitution of "standard"
(my term, not the industry's) components (ends, roofs, doors, et al)
with those from car builders' were referred to as Carbuilders'?
Ted, they used that term the same way we use "Proprietary". Of WHAT
possible use to a modeler is the term? None whatever -- unless you also
know the builder, and the year, and even then the builder may have made
more than one style during that year. Dartnot describes a particular style
of end, and that is why I use it. So does PS-0 for that matter.

Just to be clear, I would not use the modeler terms in a BOOK, because
usually there is enough context in the book (like pictures) so that it's
almost irrelevant what you call the thing, unless you're writing a book
about terminology. The whole point of photos in books is that you don't
have to describe the car in words, except to point out technical details.

Hell, who reads the books anyway? I just like to look at the pictures.

Tim "Wider by a mile" O'Connor

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