Re: KC brakes in 1959? Not

Rob Adams


I noticed the timing also, and when I sent my last message, your reply was nowhere to be seen. Between Yahoo and each individual ISP, there is plenty of variability to go around. It does make our correspondence seem disjointed at times.

But back to the subject at hand. I suspect listing that photo as Circa 1940 would proabably be safe. Regardless of when it was taken, thanks for making the photos available! Your sharing is appreciated.

Best regards, Rob Adams

Bob Webber wrote:

Not sure if it was Comcast or Yahoo or some combination - but the
sequence and timing of messages are really goofy - this message was
sent immediately after Rob's message - and arrived after two I sent
after that. In any case, the caption has been altered.

At 10:28 AM 11/10/2005, you wrote:
The photo was in a bunch of photos that had the dates and locations
indicated - this specific photo was the only one that didn't. The
back of the photo indicates "White Eagle Oil Co.".

Under a glass, the L.T. W.T. is 5-17 and the BUILT is 5-17

I can't see any other dates to go off of - the dates on the reefers
are obscured. I'll have to change the caption.
Thanks for finding that.
Bob Webber
Rob Adams
Wellman, IA
Modeling Keokuk, IA operations and the CB&Q's K&W branch, circa 1938

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