Re: C&NW color guide for Morning Sun

Tom Wencl <tdwencl@...>

--- Tim O'connor wrote:
And keep in mind that some cars have been covered very well in
other places -- like C&NW billboard box cars by Jeff Koehler, for
example. (At one point he was talking about doing a multi-volume
C&NW book series.)

Are you referring to Mr. Koeller's article in Mainline Modeler a few
issues back this year or to a book? If I'm not mistaken, I thought
I read that he was working on a book about C&NW slogan boxcars about
a decade ago, but have not heard anymore about it. I believe it was
even advertised in the CNWHS quarterly magazine as a call for photos
back then. Any thoughts?


Tom Wencl
Streamwood, IL

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