Re: Grimey IC Yard Cars


Schyler, All,

I imported the photo of "IC cars" mentioned (link
below) into my Adobe software and brightened it up and
enhanced the contrast. The cars jump out at you when
the color balance is adjusted. There appears to be two
IC 1-1/2 dr. cars in the background, but the B&O and
Erie cars are truly a study in weathering. I assume
the gondola is an IC car, but it's pretty smashed up
and the reporting marks aren't legible in the photo.
It appears in a line of revenue cars, suggesting it's
still in revenue service. Nice photo!


John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

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Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 00:08:45 -0500
From: "Schuyler Larrabee"
Subject: RE: Grimey IC Yard Cars

That's what I like: Feeeeeelthy pictures!

It's actually hard to see that the photograph IS in

There is a school of thought that says the reason
color photography was
developed so late is that
the world was in B&W until about 1930 or so, and this
shows that it
didn't burst forth in full color
for quite some time . . .

Great photo for another reason, too, which is that I'm
weathering some
cars just now, and can see
that I've been much too shy about dirtying them up.


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John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

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