NYC 1937 AAR boxcars, was Re: proportions of well-known freight cars

Mark Heiden

--- In, Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@s...> wrote:
Perusing the Recapitulation of Freight Cars in my 1/1943 ORER for
1937 Design Boxcars for around 3,713 cubic foot capacity the NYC had
6,165 cars with 3,719' cubic capacity -

3) The RR with the most 1937 cars in the 1/1943 ORER was the NYC
9,645 (1,552 of 3,712 cf; 1,928 of 3,713'; and 6,165 of 3,719').
Hi Tim,

Are you sure that all these NYC boxcars are actually of the 1937 AAR
design? I was under the impression that NYC had only 1,073 of these
cars, series 157000-158072 built in 1942 as Lot 703-B.

Mark Heiden

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