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As to the same cars showing up repeatedly, yes, most tank car shippers assigned cars to specific movements if the turnaround time on the cars was at all in synch with the volume of traffic. Was a lot easier to keep track of things that way.

Although it would not apply in your case, at times the car was suitable only for that particular movement. Unless this were the case, it is not that likely that the same cars would stay in exactly the same service for 15 years, as new cars would be added to the fleet and older ones replaced, requiring shifting of assignments.

Gregg Mahlkov

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I have been researching the cars used on the Santa Fe's Alma District
in Kansas in May 1943. Other than some Kenneth Goebel photos from
that period the next best thing I have is RECORD OF FREIGHT TRAINS
AND CARS THROUGH TERMINALS Form 815 Eskridge and Hessdale Nov. 1,
1957-Jan 12, 1972, basically from the last 14 years of the line's

Anyway, there were three oil jobbers on the line at Eskridge, KS,--
Phillips 66, Standard Oil, and Sinclair Refining. Apparently the
only one of these still receiving tank cars in 1958 was Sinclair. In
1958 the Sinclair jobber received 16 cars of gasoline and two cars of
fuel oil. Most of the shipments received were in SDRX cars of 6,000
gallon or 8,000 gallon capacity in the following series.

4600-4699 6,000 gal.
5600-5699 6.000 gal.
6600-6699 6,000 gal.
7600-7661 6,000 gal.
13800-13899 8,000 gal.
16800-16899 8,000 gal.
19800-19899 8,000 gal.
20800-20899 8,000 gal.

One PARX car, 1126, is also listed. In reading the Form 815 it is
interesting to note that the same cars kept coming back time after
time. I don't know what that says about car usage.

NOW FOR MY QUESTIONS. All the cars from 1958 are listed in my
January 1943 ORER so I assume they could have appeared on Alma branch
trains during my May 1943 modeling era. Am I correct?

Are there any models that could be used to model any of these cars?

Would the Phillips 66 and Standard jobbers reasonably receive
shipments in cars lettered for these companies, or
could shipments be received in UTLX or SHPX cars of 6,000 or 8,000
gallon capacity?

What models might I use? Any help will be appreciated.

Jared Harper
Athens, GA

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