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Tim O.;
Thanks for all that additional info, too. I appreciate the facts.

These ARE the kind of numbers, and hence, statistics we need. I
appreciate all the statistics that Tim G. has furnished, as it all
clears the picture considerably.

All still (unaccountably) interested;

So, if GN, NP, C&NW and SP still had significant numbers of
steel-underframed wooden-sheathed box cars into the late 50's, what
other roads might have still rostered a good number of similar cars?
Did the Wabash double door single-sheathed cars last into the 60's?
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The January 1958 ORER shows 2880 Wabash S/S auto cars. The January
1964 Wabash Equipment book shows only 40 remaining, with 25 of the
cars having the roofs removed for aluminum pipe loading.

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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