Re: Grimey IC Yard Cars

Justin Kahn

Actually, the date the world (apparently) went to color is around
1950. I lived on the LVRR from 1944-45 (ages 2-3) and my friend
lived in the same village from 1947-50 (ages 5-7) and neither of us
can remember the colors of anything there, so I am sure it was all
in black and white.
Schuyler Larrabee wrote:
There is a school of thought that says the reason color photography
was developed so late is that
the world was in B&W until about 1930 or so, and this shows that it
didn't burst forth in full color
for quite some time . . .

Everybody lies, but it doesn't matter since nobody listens
BTW I went to school with Dorothy

The world has always been in color.
The reason "Wizard of Oz" was in black and white is it was filmed in
Kansas during the depression and we could not afford color. Only when
she was in Oz was there color.
In fact today in north west corner of the state we have a section of
land ( mile square) that is a state park and we have kept it in black
and white to remind us how bad it was then.
We were so poor we had to hunt for food. We had a gun but no bullets
so we used it as a club. But dad did not like to waste game and
before we could club it we had to run along side of it and reach down
and feel it to see if it was fat enough. Big grin.
In fact I was standing at the state line and admiring the beautiful
color across the line when a freight train came across the line and I
watched it change to black and white as it entered Kansas. All those
steam era freight cars lost there color. Big grin 8>)
I expect you to tell us next that when Kansas emerged from the
depression and could afford color, you had a job painting the scenery,
trains, etc. <VBG>
Spen Kellogg

No my brother did. I worked in the paint factory. <VBG>
Larry Jackman
I remember a sequence in Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes where the father takes a similar position about the world changing from black and white to color at stated intervals.
Jace Kahn

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