Re: RI Fowler Boxcars

Justin Kahn

Well, sort of. There apparently are some differences between the San Juan kit, which is based on the D&RGW Fowler and the Rock Island version, although they are not critical, particularly if one is using one as a point of departure for a caboose re-build. As I recall, Charlie Morrill has an article in O Scale Trains two years ago or so on modifying the SJ kit for RI, mostly a new roof with different-space battens, and (I think) some door modifications--and, of course, replacing the distinctive Vulcan trucks.
I plan on re-doing one of my SJ kits for a RI car; the other will just get MicroScale Omaha lettering and different trucks.

Jace Kahn, General Manager
Ceres and Canisteo RR Co.

Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2005 20:48:58 -0600
From: "Steve and Barb Hile" <shile@...>
Subject: Re: RI B-2 Box Cars

Rock Island B-2 boxcars are modeled in HO by Westerfield in several varieties and by San Juan in O scale.

In the case of the Westerfield cars, the Rock Island continued with the basic design into the 20's with first Murphy and later early Dreadnaught ends which Al has not yet produced. The roofs also evolved through Hutchins Dry Lading to Murphy Radial.
Steve Hile
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