Re: Calling a spade a club

Dave Nelson <muskoka@...>

bierglaeser wrote:

Well, at least one person used it in a book. Me! I used PS-0 in the
CGW color guide. I qualified it by saying Pullman-Standard never
used the term but ...

I'll start back-pedaling now.

Gene Green

No, Don't. At least not right away. 8-)

I'm with O'Connor on this one: when the trade name fails to describe the
characteristic features, come up with a better name.

I can think of three variants in the PS corrugated end (so-called dartnot
end, ends w/o dimples, and ends w/5 dimples), where the variants clearly
indicate a production change that ran for at least a couple of years. Long
enough to be a spoting feature of some importance on various car series.
And maybe there were more than 3, I dunno cuz I don't pay attention to stuff
after the early 50's. So obviously one phrase -- PS Corrugated End -- is
not good enough by itself. Maybe phases or something clearly descriptive
(my own preference): PS Dartnot End, PS-1 Undimpled End, PS-1 Dimpled End.

Dave Nelson

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