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Actually, we will be doing most of these PS-2 paint schemes and we'll
eventually get to this black CGW paint scheme, perhaps the first part of
next year.
We really do not like to commit to any release dates or time frames
because our schedules change all the time for many reasons. We do not want
anyone spending time waiting for a product and then be disappointed when
there is a delay because of a change or problem. We'd rather surprise people
than disappoint them. So don't hold your breath but keep your eyes open.
Also, these cars had 100 ton Roller Bearing trucks from the factory
rather than the more common 70 ton trucks.

Sam Clarke
Kadee Quality Products

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Thanks for the info! Are you hinting that this scheme is a
future Kadee release? I asked the original question because I've got a
"brand X" PS-2 which has the later vertical members over the bolsters.
I've replaced them with the C channel style, and paint is next. If the
CGW car will be available from you, I'll just paint this one in MILW

Best Regards,
Phil Buchwald

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Hello Phil Buckwald,

I was waiting for Gene Green to answer this but since we are
working on a
continuing line of PS-2s we have a bit of info to pass along, some of it
from Gene.

The CGW PS-2s you are looking at were black with aluminum
stenciling. The
black was not paint but actually the same car cement used on ends
and roofs
of box cars.

Sam Clarke
Kadee Quality Products

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There's a good builder's photo of a CGW PS-2 in an old RMJ. The car
is a dark color, but the photo is b&w. Were these cars black or some
oxide red color? The car body seems to match the truck color.

Thanks in advance!
Phil Buchwald

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