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The article that Tony referenced is on page 21 of September 1956, "Piggy
Back Champ", by William D. Middleton. Several good photos to go along with
5 page article. 61,575 trailers handled in 1955 per article.

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Rich Chapin wrote:
"Early" is one of those relative terms. July 1954 is a key date (but
late for the steam era), when six roads (LV, PRR, Erie, B&O, Wabash,
NKP) started. The DL&W had started in June 1954. By the end of 54 more
roads had joined in. The New Haven stated in the early 1930's and was
handling 50,000 trailers a year by the mid-50s . . .
Interesting data. The SP began piggyback in May of 1953 and by
the mid-1950s, was acclaimed by _Trains_ magazine as the "piggyback
champ" due to its traffic volume.
For a whole lot more on this topic, I really recommend David
DeBoer's book, _Piggyback and Containers_ from Golden West Books.

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