Re: Grimey IC Yard Cars

Walter M. Clark


In a message to this group a few years ago (I couldn't find it, but
why should this time be any different than all the other times I've
tried to search the archives?) someone mentions a module that was
brought to a show, done all in shades of grey, just like our b & w
photos of the time. Apparently it took a while before anyone figured
out what was "wrong" with it.

Walter M. Clark
Time stopped in November 1941 (all b & w although my layout will be in
wonderful living color)
Riverside, California

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That's what I like: Feeeeeelthy pictures!

It's actually hard to see that the photograph IS in color!

There is a school of thought that says the reason color photography
was developed so late is that
the world was in B&W until about 1930 or so, and this shows that it
didn't burst forth in full color
for quite some time . . .

Great photo for another reason, too, which is that I'm weathering
some cars just now, and can see
that I've been much too shy about dirtying them up.


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