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You mean it gets cold in CA in December? All the propaganda about CA
weather, on which I was brought up is not true?! Next thing I know
you'll tell me people ski in California! ;-)


Andy Miller (in Boston)

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Not quite as much in December, Andy. <g>

I have
been told it was very common for reefers on the east coast to be sent
back to CA with all sorts of other loads, including mail. It beat
sending them back empty.
Sort of true. Westbound loaded cars were about 20 per cent of
the total, year in and year out; and remember, PFE got paid for
mileage, loaded or empty. Their biggest priority by far was to get cars

back west, to provide to shippers, whose cargo could NOT wait.
Westbound load revenue was just not significant by comparison. The same

was true, of course, for SFRD.

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