Re: Plain Boxcars in Mail Service - 1945

Shawn Beckert

Andy in Boston asked:

You mean it gets cold in CA in December? All the propaganda
about CA weather, on which I was brought up is not true?!
Next thing I know you'll tell me people ski in California! ;-)
We'll have to see about December, but today it's headed for the
high 80's and the Santa Ana's have kicked in. We're running around
in shorts and T-shirts getting all the Thanksgiving fixin's together.

Yep, California...

On a freightcar note <g>, it's too bad we can't see any car
numbers in that photo at Los Angeles. Since general service
boxcars don't have steam and signal lines, I have to assume
these cars will be placed at the rear of the train, maybe with a
rider coach or caboose. There's nothing in the photo to tell us
whether they're specially equipped for express service.

Shawn Beckert (in Beautiful Downtown Burbank)

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