Re: Plain Boxcars in Mail Service - 1945

George Hollwedel <georgeloop1338@...>

As a Postal Worker, maintenance tech, I can vouch that there is much improvement. The machines run much faster and can shred many more pieces per hour.

George Hollwedel

"Miller, Andrew S." <asmiller@...> wrote:
I remember working in to PO during Christmas break when I was home
from college. There were many unsealed Xmas cards and they frequently
jammed in the canceling machine. The machine had counter rotating
rubber wheels to peel of one envelope at a time from the stack. The
unsealed envelopes would often be shredded by the process.

Did you ever wonder why so many friends claimed you never sent a card?


Andy Miller

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Anyone else remember when you used to be able to
send Christmas cards for a lower rate if the envelope wasn't sealed?

Dennis Storzek

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