Re: Plain Boxcars in Mail Service - 1945

Tony Thompson

Mike Brock wrote:
Not only that. The late Terry Metcalfe's UP Modeler, Vol 1, shows photos of
the consist of the UP Fast Mail in 1957 in Nebraska. Included is SP 5713 box
car fitted with steam lines in this case so one might not consider it to be
a "plain" box car.
The 50 cars numbered 5700-5749, along with the 450 "Overnight" box cars of Class B-50-24, were separately equipped with steam and signal lines, tight-lock couplers, and marker light brackets, painted SP Dark Olive with Dulux Gold lettering, and classed "BX" for head-end service. By 1957 many had received GSC outside-equalizer trucks. They were delivered with ASF A-3 trucks.

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