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Could you please reply to me off list to advise how you created the corn? Many thanks.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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The sighting of diesel era models, many of which won prizes, was
to me the most
inriguing apsect of the meeting. I know this website deals with a
specific time
period but I suppose the meeting is about "prototype modeling"
which is a bit
larger chronological category. I am still thinking about the corn
modeled on
the N-scale module that took a prize. Great stuff and not I think
(?) the brass
corn you can purchase from Bernie K.


Dr. Gerard J. Fitzgerald
Department of Histpry and Sociology of Science
University of Pennsylvania

The corn was cut from a natural straw broom and, as you suspected,
was not the etched variety. Here's the broom:

I don't think Dave Hussey got a shot of it for his Naperville pbase
album, so here's an in progress shot:

The material should work just as well in HO scale, if not better.

Mike Skibbe

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