Re: GTW rebuilt steel boxcar

Michael Aufderheide


I don't know if this is the same car or not, but Sylvan makes a GTW
rebuild. See:



I have just screened a color slide I recently
purchased, the subject is a Pacific Lumber Co (of
Scotia, CA) steam switch engine spotting some boxcars
for loading. I was interested in one of the cars, a
GTW 40' steel rebuild of a former woodside 7/8 ended
boxcar. The car has 10 side panels, plus an
interesting splice between the 7/8 end panels- a
single "pickle fork" dreadnaught inspired rib. I am
interested in making a model of this car, and I am
asking for information on this car's roof. I am unable
to make out the car's number, so I am asking this
group for the info I need. Can anyone direct me to
some published data on this car?

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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