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The gondola in the photo ,on the LOC site, with Lackawanna tug,
Cornell is a War Emergency one from World War 2. The new
book `'Tugboats of New York '' has a clean version of the photo. Ben
and Ted can easily second my opinion The end gate of the gon has been
removed and half the height of of the end gate is taken up by a thick
canvas or muslin tarp strung across the space .1954 seems a little
early to relegate one of these gons to contaminated service unless it
was intended not to invest much in it and dipose of it in a few
years. Some companies did just that or the gon might not even be
owned by the railroad at this point but by a ship services provider.
We should discuss what types of often old or quickly not used by the
class I Railroads cars lasted for decades in the shipyards and
ports.. many lasted beyond 1960. focus on the 1940-1960 era.There
were still a lot of the USRA types from WWI and the early 1920'S
around in 1954. As there has been a lot of discussion about tank cars
lately the port of San Francisco used some tank cars ,shorn of the
liquid tanks, that were the true flat car design with liquid tanks
mounted on them, as idler cars for many decades starting in the early
1930's or so . The soon to be moved Golden Gate RR museum has the
full story on their website of these now preserved cars.


Tyler Turpin

TITLE: [Ashes from the stokehold of a tugboat are blown into a
railroad freight car at dockside] / World Telegram & Sun photo by
Roger Higgins.
CALL NUMBER: NYWTS - SUBJ/GEOG--Shipping--Tugboats--General
[item] [P&P]
REPRODUCTION NUMBER: LC-USZ62-134630 (b&w film copy neg.)
CREATED/PUBLISHED: 1954.PART OF: New York World-Telegram and
the Sun Newspaper Photograph Collection (Library of Congress)
REPOSITORY: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division
Washington, D.C. 20540 USA
DIGITAL ID: (digital file from b&w film copy neg.) cph 3c34630

CARD #: 2004676720

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