Re: Early TOFC-50 years of TTX

Bruce Smith

On Wed, November 23, 2005 2:01 am, Tony Thompson wrote:
Ryan conceived much of the idea for TT and sold it to PRR

I'm curious - what source(s) are you basing your comments on? The few
references I have been able to find in the last 24 hours seem to support
the contention that the revolutionary idea in truc-train and then
trailer-train was the the loading of non-railroad owned trailers combined
with interchange of TOFC flats between railroads. It is not clear what
role Mr. Ryan played from these sources.
BTW, there is a nice chronology on-line from Railway Age at

was hired in the new company (incidentally as VP of TT); and
was soon squeezed out. Nice going, PRR.
Seems to have worked - the company was wildly successful so "squeezing" Mr
Ryan out must have been the right thing to do eh? <G>

I think Tony's just mad that PRR not only stole the PFE model, but that
they did so well with it... I guess they learned not to handle "pigs" like
coal <VBG>.

Bruce Smith
Auburn AL

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