ATSF caboose

Justin Turpin <birdbiz2003@...>

Is ATSF caboose number 1869 built in the late 1920's the best preserved prototype for a not modernized in the the 1960's caboose . I have the article from the September 1991 issue of model railroader. Caboose 1869 seems to be the only steel sided made by ACF caboose that was not heavily modified. It is part of the collection at the depot museum and restauraunt in Capistrano California. What is the best book on these cars I should get my library to get for a two week borrow.
Bought the model at the last because I need a heavy caboose suitable for 1940 and could not find a good model of a preserved heavy to go with the 2 combine cars for a hotel station scene diorama .


Tyler Turpin

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