Re: Freight car photos . . . Sticky situation . . .

h8fan <jabutler@...>

I worked in a couple of photo labs in my younger years. The last
step of print processing was just a water rinse. I have washed
prints in the kitchen sink a time or two to get get pop or other
spilled substance off and the prints are fine. They look discolored
when wet but return to normal once they air dry.
Try soaking your stuck photo in warm water. I think you can save
Jim Butler

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So, I'm cleaning up the work area here, and find that I have some
4x6 prints that are stuck
together, laminated, more or less . . .

[I don't wanna talk about how this came to pass . . . .]

So, these being prints made in the last 10-12 years, and probably
on some sort of plastic paper, are
these safe to just put in a tray of water, and let them unstick
themselves? It appears there's a
snowball's chance that I can pry them apart, so SOMETHING has to be
done, but is that safe?


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