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C&BT shops did a 40' SFRD reefer with a 6' plug door in 4 versions. Walthers still catalogues these but the availability is questionable at this point.

Rich Orr

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It's not often I agree with Tim, although his modeling work is
gorgeous. But I second his suggestion this time. Other than the
ancient technology Trains Miniature (now Walthers Trainline and not
currently available) car, no one that I can recall has ever done a 40'
plug door ice reefer. And I carved up quite a few of my stash of those
to make stand-in REA 50' express reefers in 1987. (Ref my article in
1987 MR). They were they pride and joy of my M&E trains until last
year when the real McCoys started to appear from Walthers and


Andy Miller

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If that seems too similar to the Athearn reefer (and Walthers already
announced an FGE reefer), then a plug door 40 foot steel ice reefer
would be a good item... And you could get away with a heck of a lot of
paint schemes on those. Just do the same PC&F car Sunshine did; I
think Martin found a half dozen legit lettering schemes.

Tim O.

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