Re: Life Like P2k 10k Insulated Tankcar Type 21

Bob Webber <no17@...>

"Where have I been". Not at Naperville where it was shown discreetly along with several other projects that will be coming out from a host of other vendors as well..

At 12:34 AM 12/1/2005, you wrote:
I was looking at my friends newest Model Railroader magazine this evening and noticed an ad for Walthers/Life Like. They are showing a Type 21 insulated 10k tank car. The ad seemed to indicate that this is being offered in new paint and roadnames. Where have I been? I am thinking this is a new model. A brief search of the lists archives just talks about the regular Type 21. Look at it at...

I do not remember what issue of MR it was, but the cover blurb was about choosing a DCC system.
Steve Shaffer

Bob Webber

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