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The map is very old. Alice Furnace was gone by 1930, IIRC. I apologize for the tardiness, but I am in digest mode and only have tiem every few days to read mail.

I've just moved to Birmingham, and I have been compiling lots of material on the iron, steel, and coal industries here and the incredible spectrum of railroad operations here and in the rest of Alabama.

Try this web site

Also, try:

HABS/HAER has tons of information on-line for the Birmingham area including railroads and industries.

All the major industries here are covered in exquisite detail and a lot of minor ones as well. You'll need a fast connection.

The city is covered in high-resolution color photography that can be accessed through Google Earth. Using the freeware USAPhotomaps from J.M. Cox you can build black and white images (georeferenced) or topos off the Terraserver site very easily.

Since I do GIS at work, I have a B&W photomosaic of Birmingham and a corresponding topo base.

Montgomery, a similarly cool cross-roads of numerous roads, has high-res color on the Terraserver site, so it may be a short time before Birmingham also is available from Terraserver. The output is MUCH better than Google Earth.

Hope this helps, and enjoy.

Charles Tapper

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