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Which just goes to show what people know about one of the real pleasures about Florida - No See Ums. For good reason.

And isn't it odd that there are always apologists for there? If it were truly a desirable place, the plan would be to run it down and complain about it. By trying to extol the virtues, you all sound like a bunch of swamp sales people. And people who have never been in an earthquake should not pretend to know what one is like - or the differences between a Hurricane and an Earthquake. Provided you follow all of the building codes, an earthquake is not that bad to ride out - assuming you take care with your decorating. Note that in the 1989 quake houses within a mile of the epicenter were just fine - but those were the ones built by Habitat for humanity. others, built to less stringent codes, or older ones, didn't fare as well. I rode it out in San Francisco on the 48th floor. It was a lot of fun, and a lot better than hurricanes I've been through - or tornadoes. Getting home wasn't as much fun. BTW, that 400' high point isn't a natural feature, it is a garbage dump. or was about 20 years ago (the highest "land" feature for a few years was a garbage pile). And, you might just ask the folks in South Carolina about those funny bolts and washers sticking out of their walls and why they're called earthquake bolts. They HAVE been known to hit there, quite hard too. Just as they have been known to hit the New Madrid faults. So please, let's stop all this nonsense. Last time the people were complaining about going to a show in the frigid northeast in January when it was nice and warm in (A) Florida (B) Texas (C) Southern California), Katrina hit shortly thereafter (yes, you can check the dates in the archives), then Rita hit, then there were large fires in LA basin. I'm not saying there is a connection, but someone might be reading the list and getting peeved to keep hearing such stuff. And he has allegedly white robes instead of the black ones.

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and Richard Hendrickson wrote:

Yeah, but I hear that locusts are coming in droves to the SE states.
Better take bug spray to Cocoa Beach.

= = =

My guess is the bugs won't begin arriving to plague Mike until about Jan. 5.
The nits will be there already, waiting to be picked.

Peter Weiglin
Bob Webber

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