PRR Decal survey for needs!

Gatwood, Elden <Elden.Gatwood@...>


I would like to ask your advice in what decals you would like to see
produced for PRR freight and MW cars.

I am constantly being asked about what decals are suitable for what
classes of cars, and would like to work with a friendly decal-maker to
address some of the gaps, at a minimum.

With the departure of several big lines from the business, we have
become considerably less well-supplied with decals than we were just 2
years ago.

Let me know what CLASSES of cars you would like to see produced, and in
what LETTERING SCHEME(S). For example; X31 class, Circle Keystone

If you are unsure of what relates to what, drop me a line so we can
clarify things!

We will be presenting a summary of decals for freight and MW soon in
TKM, so you can review what is still being made, or just available from
remaining stock, etc. Hopefully, that will give you further ideas on
what you may need in the future.

No, do NOT ask me about passenger cars, or the sodding FOM scheme. That
will be dealt with later. Hopefully by somebody else!

Please provide feedback soon!


Elden Gatwood

PRRT&HS Modeling Committee

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