Re: PRR Decal survey for needs!

Gregg Mahlkov <mahlkov@...>


I would very much like to see, and would purchase, the following, but ONLY IN N SCALE:

Circle Keystone lettering for X23, X29, X29c, d, X41 boxcars

Pre CK lettering for XL boxcars, including pre-1920 lettering for subsidiary roads like Vandalia, etc.

Lettering for R7 reefers in both PRR and Fruit Growers (PRR cars were sold to FGE).

Bowser is covering the H21's and Gla's pretty well in N scale, but some decals for gons and flats in the CK and pre-CK schemes might be nice, too.

Again, N SCALE decals.

Gregg Mahlkov

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