Re: P&LE 41398

Gary Roe

--- In STMFC@..., Richard Hendrickson <rhendrickson@o...>
In any case, they were of the AAR standard design
(often called the Bethlehem design) originally built for the Lehigh
Valley in 1941 and later for the B&O and numerous other RRs.
Sunshine recently began offering resin models of these cars, though
I'm not sure whether they catalog the Wabash version yet.

Richard & All,

I asked Martin if he was going to offer the kit with Wabash decals;
but said he was not. He indicated that it was "too new" for the large
majority of his customers. There is a picture of a Wabash car in the
instructions for the Central of Pennsylvania (CNJ) car however. Mark
Vaughan makes decals for Wabash hoppers which have the 33" lettering,
so it could be done by finding the proper dimensional data for the gon.

gary roe

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