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Al, Phil is the one looking, and I directed him to your site. As to having one of your CD's, well, I have that one and 6 others, so I am a happy camper!

BTW, another choice is the 1922 Car Builders Cyclopedia on CD:

And, for completeness, here are the others I mentioned:
White's Freight Car Book:

And Trainshed Cyclopedia's for the era:

Another source is to review the books here:
which will provide you with some nice ideas in terms of possible references.
You can also browse here:
To see some examples.

Also go to:
to see more examples, but more importantly, to review items 3 & 4 (for the era).

(note that Al's comment regarding the 1919 Equipment register is found by going to that last site and selecting option 4 and looking for the 1919 edition).

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Bob - The best way is to get yourself a 1919 Equipment Register. It contains listings of all freight cars used in interchange in the US, Canada and Mexico. And I just happen to sell one! - Al Westerfield
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>I am planning to build a model railroad set in 1919.
>Phil Jannusch
Bob Webber

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