Re: Another newbie question

Tony Thompson

Phil Jannusch wrote:
I am planning to build a model railroad set in 1919.
My question is how do I figure out what cars existed in 1919, and in
what proportions?
One of my issues is not knowing what car details should or should not
exist. I understand that around that time new safety standards went
into effect, but I do not know what those standards are.
You may be referring to the U.S. Safety Appliance Act of 1911, which newly mandated sill steps as well as standardized locations of side and end grab irons and ladders. There were new tank car standards in 1917 also.
There is not a single book (AFAIK) about this period; White's book is superb and without peer for the period prior to 1900, but there is really zero significant 20th century information in it.
Train Shed Cyclopedias are still available to show cars of your era; and the Westerfield 1919 ORER is an essential source of WHICH cars were in service.

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