Re: PRR Decal survey for needs!

Angela Sutton

I would second Gregg's request for the pre-1954 schemes in
N-scale. There are many holes here. Some decals are available as
parts of specific kits; but the big classes of gons are mostly missing
(GR, GS, G25, G27 - all circle keystone). I am crossing my fingers
for ESM to release some G26 decals with their forthcoming kit that may
be available separately.

It is worth noting that CDS made dry-transfer CK shemes for the
1920's boxcars (X23 up thru X31), the H25, and the G22, but they have
exited the market and will leave a gap here as well within the next
couple of years.

I may have missed a set somewhere, but I do not recall seeing MW
decals for the gray paint scheme at all either. If they aren't out
there, decals for XL camp cars and some work flats (FM, FGR, FGRa)
would be great additions as well.

Thanks for taking this issue on!


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