Re: ratio of wood to steel side cars

Bob Webber <no17@...>

My suspicion is the reason for this is that they began being relegated to less-than fully commercial service. By that I mean they started to be used for such things as hide service or other services that required wood cars or cars that would soon be off the books - which cars would not typically be shown in the type of action shots available because most are of "long distance" freight, that is freight going from terminal to terminal.

The other possible reason is that (generally speaking) being of less available load weight, not as clean, likely older appliances, etc., they weren't the cars of first resort and spent a lot of time doing nothing while larger cube boxes and those able to carry higher load factors (and that were cleaner and tighter) were out first. Again, those would be on the frights and scenes more shown in the period action shots.

At 10:56 AM 12/5/2005, you wrote:
ed_mines wrote:
In most of the "action" pictures I've seen there are usually less wood
sided cars than I would expect. Has anyone else noticed this?
Bob Webber

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