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Roger Parry <uncleroger@...>

Thanks for the update. When communication leans towards criticism, recall Abraham Lincoln's words, you can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time BUT..........

On Dec 4, 2005, at 2:27 PM, Dennis Storzek wrote:


Thanks to all who weighed in on this subject, either on list or privately.
I apologize for not answering each e-mail, but these last couple of weeks
have been hectic. I'll try to answer all the various questions here:

Yes, this is the 41'-6" IL length car. "40 Ft." is a much easier descriptor
to put in print, ads, on boxes, etc. Kind of like the generic term "40 Ft.

I haven't settled on the exact prototype yet, strange as it seems. When
designing for a resin kit, one just picks a prototype and jumps through all
the hoops to model all its features. When designing for the larger market,
there are other constraints, and since the kit is only really going to be
dead-on for one prototype but lettered for many railroads, it really
doesn't matter which one is the prototype. I use this latitude to find the
best mix of features to render, given the general criteria for the product.
Case in point, molded on ladders that drop below the bottom corrugation on
a Dreadnaught end tend to look really bad, so it will undoubtedly be a car
with a short ladder and a hand grab below. There may be other factors I
haven't discovered yet.

We are always happy to receive photos and color information, even if we
can't acknowledge every one. The more information we have, the less likely
we are to make an error. Scans or photocopies ate OK, if you put contact
info on it, we can get back to you if we need more information. E-mail
things to accurail@..., s-mail to P.O. Box 278, Elburn, IL 60119
to the attention of Eric Cote, our graphics guru.

I've noted the suggestions pertaining to the 40' plug door ice reefer;
we've talked about this car, and it is in our long range plans.

Thanks again for all the comments.

Dennis Storzek
Big Rock, IL

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