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I don't know how the majority feel, but some of us do realize how good
we have it.

We also realize the time we put in, and it is a LOT of time, pandering
to the needs of other PRR modelers, is substantial. You should see what
some of these guys do to make sure that PRR projects are brought to
fruition. If there weren't dozens of them out there putting a lot of
their free time into this, we would have NO models, decals, and etc.

I wish that NYC modelers, as an example of others, had more folks like
Jeff and Terry to help out providing everything we would like to see
done for the NYC, for instance. The lack of more individuals pushing
projects for that road has resulted in the huge disparity between those
two, in terms of current models, decals, books, and other information.
We could have 10 NYC decal sets, then....

Take it easy, guys; really!

Elden Gatwood

P.S. I will make available the results of the survey, and also a current
list of availability, when I can finish that up. Maybe folks could do
this for other roads? I would love to see how the Cotton Belt herald
problems, and other issues, might be resolved.

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You mean out of TEN (!!!) recent Microscale full size box car
sets ( 87-1200 to 87-1209 ) that they actually missed a car???

PRR modelers don't know how good they have it..

Tim O.

I agree with you that the X40B decals are a need. Walthers 934-
77110 (HO) shows its age. If someone has Champ HB-155, could you
check it for X40B data? It's still available and listed as
applicable for 40, 50, and 60 ft cars, but I'd like to make sure.
Ben Hom

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