Re: Hobby Shops--Tampa, FL Area

Greg Martin

And speaking for Kevn the owner (whow will likely be in Cocoa Beach) he still does. I believe there are others in the Orlando area too, maybe our Leader can fill us in...

Greg Martin

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Happy Hobbo in Tampa,4040 W. Waters Av., 813 886-5072 ; they used to have a
great selection of detail parts and kits.
Marcelo Lordeiro

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Subject: [STMFC] Hobby Shops--Tampa, FL Area

Hi, I know that there are several people on the list
that live on the Gulf side of Florida. I am planning
on spending the Holidays in St. Petersburg. Can
anyone suggest any GOOD model railroading hobby shops
in the area? By GOOD, I mean shops that carry a
decent selection of detail parts and kits.

Thanks, Bruce

Bruce R. Brantner, Sr.
Coyote Trails RR
Coyote Div. of SF RR

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