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I know I'm repeating myself but..
If you look at:
you will see the Cyclopedias and their publishers.

The first one shown is 1922. 1919 was published by the Master Car Builders Assn.

At 03:05 PM 12/5/2005, you wrote:
Dennis Storzek wrote:
Did Simonds-Boardman involvement go all the way back to the 1906 Car
Builder's Dictionary, and if it did, how does one go about searching
for a specific photo in the Merrilees collection?
No. The Railroad Gazette published the 1906 volume. I'm not sure
what year Simmons-Boardman took over, but certainly by 1919. As for
searching the Merrilees photos, what I have done is get a list of car
numbers from the NAC collection, then match them up with Cyc or other
sources. If there is some more sophisticated method, maybe someone can
tell us what it is.

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